Who uses oTranCe

Are you using oTranCe for maintaining the languages in your project and want to appear on this page? Simply drop us an email.


oTranCe was originally developed for use with the MySQLDumper project. Presently, we maintain 27 different languages with approx. 21,000 different phrases.

Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH

The Steinigke eShop, built by Mayflower GmbH and based on OXID eShop, uses custom templates with roundabout 30,000 phrases. 16 different languages are maintained using oTranCe.

OXID eSales AG

The community is translating the language files for the store front, the admin panel and the installation routine of OXID eShop into several languages. On http://translate.oxidforge.org you can see the present state and register yourself if you can help translating. On OXID forge wiki you may find all information about the handling of language files in OXID eShop.

Mayflower GmbH

Mayflower LogoMayflower GmbH uses oTranCe successfully in several client projects.

Mayflower is convinced of the concept and the quality of the oTranCe project and offers individual customization for special requirements. Please contact Mayflower if you are interested.