Our Own Server for Jenkins CI

Jenkins CIA short time ago we installed an own server for the continuous integration tool Jenkins. Presently the common, metric code analysis is running and checking the oTranCe Code before the release. During the next few weeks the tool will be expanded by including the automatic execution of the PHPUnit tests. Wo of you is curious and want to see if the build is green? Take a look here: http://ci.otrance.de

We want to especially thank SysEleven GmbH
SysEleven. Hosting. Skaliert. for gratefully allocating this server for our open source project. SysEleven is specialized in scalable high performance, especially in e-commerce. They serve medium to enterprise sized online merchants with peaks due to TV commercials, like baby-markt.de for example.

Lifelong Free Hosting – Please Vote for Us!

Presently, the hosting provider domainFACTORY provides a great campagne: DF wants to support an open source project of your choosing and tenders a lifelong free hosting. We applied for this package and – giddy with pleasure – came to the final round. Now we need your help: please vote in domainFACTORY’s blog for the project oTranCe! Please visit this page to the poll:


Thanks for your support!