The idea came out of our own multilingual project MySQLDumper. More and more languages have been added by the community and manual maintenance became more and more time consuming. In the past, we used our own translation platform but as it was based on PHP4-Spaghetti-Code, it became a pain to maintain it.

Since MySQLDumper is in the process of being rewritten from scratch, our requirements for the old translation center also changed. It was obvious that it couldn’t be refactored without a lot of work to fit into our new workflow.

We also couldn’t find another open source system that could fit our requirements and so we got our hands on writing a new translation center from the scratch. In a first step we coded it according to our own needs. After we switched from the old to the new platform in the MySQLDumper project we got very nice feedback from our translators. Some of them are professional translators and they loved it – even compared to commercial solutions. They asked if they could use our system for their own projects.

That’s why we decided to release oTranCe under an open source license. Once again we put our hands on the code and made a lot of things configurable and generic. Now oTranCe should be usable in any project dealing with language files. What you see on this site is the result of our efforts.

oTranCe is still in the beginning of its life cycle. Nevertheless the current code base is in a stable state and is ready to use in productive environments. Of course we have more ideas what could be improved. But before adding new features we will work on fixing the last small bugs in order to release version 1.0.

Have fun using oTranCe!