oTranCe Code Repository Moved to GitHub

By the end of October, Atlassian announced that they retired the Source + Review bundle, bringing their hosted Subversion offering and Fisheye/Crucible OnDemand to an end by October 15th 2013. All customers and users have been requested to move their source code to other places.

Atlassian provides an easy integration of GitHub to Jira and Confluence. Also, when dealing with GitHub, we recognized that it provides a couple of other cool features that can make collaboration in an open source environment very easy and generate some additional virality called “social coding”.

Developers who want to join the project don’t have to write an email to the project owner, waiting for an answer, sending sample code, diffs etc. any longer until they get write permissions for the core repository. If you feel fancy to help, simply go to https://github.com/DSB/oTranCe, fork the project to your own account, make the changes you want to do and send a pull request back to the original repository. We will review the code and can merge it with a simple click into the main branch. Of course, your contribution will appear in the commit history with your account.

Happy forking 🙂

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