5 thoughts on “oTranCe Version 1.0 is Published

  1. At Piwik we have started using it and we plan to really improve our translations quality and ease the process for all translators. We are really happy with the tool and wish you all the best to get new projects to adopt.
    Thank you for this quality software!

  2. Hi Matt,

    thanks for your kind feedback.
    I hope that oTranCe will work out as a useful software for your project. Actually I think that Piwik is a useful and great Open Source Software too. I’m happy if oTrance can help to ease your translation process. All in all this shows the power of Open Source. Happy coding. 😉

  3. Hi there,
    i saw in the wiki that its possible since 1.1.0 to export the lang files via cli.

    The command php pathToOtrance/public/index.php -u MyUserName -p MyUsersPassword -c Export -a update-all does not work for my otrance. I just get no return and no file in the export dir.

    So my question is whether the export just dont work or where i can download the 1.1.0 version?

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